Practical Advice Expert Guidance Professional Support
Marketing and Branding

International Market Research and Consulting
Assess international data collection issues, cultural implications for research design, and suppliers across the globe.

Corporate Brand, Customer Loyalty, and Communications
Develop strategic plans that resolve problems and integrate research information into the planning and evaluation of organizational goals, programs, and activities.

New Product Development
Oversee the process of design, specification and pricing of new products and services.

ROS (Return On Service)
Develop unique models that track the payback of good service directly to the customer by merging customer spend records with customer satisfaction interviews.

Customer Loyalty, Employee Loyalty and ROI
Develop a mode that links customer and employee loyalty programs to each other and, in turn, to financial returns

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Implement business strategy, process, culture and technology to enable organizations to optimize revenue and increase shareholder value through better understanding the needs of customers