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What We Do
Practical Decisions works with Boards of Directors, CEOs and Senior Management, providing objective, no-nonsense evaluation, implementation and change that will deliver meaningful results. Practical Decisions is uniquely qualified to take on interim assignments typically associated with projects and change of management. The Principals of Practical Decisions are experienced in identifying alternative strategies, focus on the objectives at hand, and preserve and add value to the existing enterprise.

Who We Are
We are experienced business executives with strong track records of achievement. We objectively analyze the real issues, as only hands-on operators can, and we report the truth--in a practical, hands on manner. We are quick to mobilize and quick to assess. Most importantly, we are accountable agents of change who get you the results you want.

The principals collectively have decades of C-level executive experience. We are entrepreneurial, with experience in organizational change and growth, turnarounds, acquisitions and integration. We have proven track records of achievement and results, having worked with Fortune 200 companies, large multi-nationals, small entrepreneurial organizations, and start-ups.

The principals have worked in a wide range of industries including retail, direct marketing, insurance, telecommunications, energy and the environment, financial, marketing, and technology.

How we can help

Are you a Board Member, CEO or Senior Manager with a problematic organization?
Practical Decisions can mobilize quickly to parachute in on short notice. We can work with you to clean up and stabilize the organization and go on to fix the problems. The value of your investment increases. We can then go on to help unlock that value. You get a value-added fix with limited risks.

Are you a Board Member or CEO considering an acquisition or divestiture?
We can help evaluate the target, validating its value, identifying risks, as well as potential upside. In doing so, we will identify the target's potential. We will also develop a business plan. You could save money and reduce your risks.

Are you a Board Member or CEO who has just completed a transaction?
Practical Decisions can be your team on the ground. We can represent you as an investor in a very unique manner, providing hands-on control in the critical period following a closing. We can identify and fix the organization's problems, increasing its value. When the time is right, we can then go forward to develop options for an exit strategy. You get value-added, on-site competence and authority with minimal risks.

Are you a CEO or Board Member facing a critical project or change in management?
The Principals of Practical Decisions bring decades of hands-on critical experience across a broad range of industries and functions. We can insure stability during critical periods for companies, demonstrable results in times of crisis, and true accountability. You get immediate access to seasoned senior management with the promise of stability and deliverable results.