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Undeniably, the role of entrepreneur and business owner can be difficult and lonely. Against long odds, entrepreneurs develop their businesses through vision, often through sheer determination, and generally without the resources that are available to larger, more established companies.

Practical Decisions is committed to providing practical, professional support for small – medium businesses, in an efficient, cost-effective manner, allowing entrepreneurs to fully achieve their objectives. The small – medium business owner can now have the resources, normally available only to larger corporations, at a fraction of the cost.

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Your Priorities
As an owner and entrepreneur, you face difficult and complicated decisions without the resources available to larger companies. Often, the day to day demands of running your business prevents you from identifying objectives and implementing strategies that will improve your operation and grow your business. Practical Decisions recognizes your priorities, and will not only develop a plan with you to focus on your problems, but also will work with you to implement the solutions and insure that results are achieved.

Vast Resources
In addition to the considerable skills and experience of the Principals, Joe Gajda, Managing Director, is accredited by the Institute for Independent Business, the largest organization of its type worldwide, and as a result, we have access to more than 3,000 specialists, with technical and specialty skills across ever dicipline imaginable.

The ability to develop a relationship with a senior executive, and to take advantage of his resources and extensive network, without a long-term commitment, and without the administrative burden of payroll, taxes, etc., provides tremendous value, at what often is no more than the cost of a receptionist or day laborer.

Unlike traditional consulting arrangements that typically take on a project, and leave you with only a plan, Practical Decisions is there to implement what we agree to be necessary to achieve your goals, and insure that value is added to your company.